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view of front grill 

1965 Gran Prix 2dr hdtp 

posted January 15, 2010
1965 Grand Prix

“Found this 1965 Grand Prix at a dealership in Denver, Colorado. Odometer read 800 miles at time of purchase which I would assume only flipped once given the condition of the car and 95% original interior. Fresh paint. Paid $8800 for it, had it shipped home to San Diego, put another $1000 into it. Not a bad investment in my opinion. 421 4 barrel under the hood makes this thing feel SOOOOOO GOOD!”

view of trunk, grill and bumper 

1965 Grand Prix 2dr hdtp 

posted January 15, 2010

view of interior looking in left side window 

1965 Grand Prix 2dr hdtp 

posted January 15, 2010 

view of front seat interior area 

1965 Grand Prix 2dr hdtp 

posted January 15, 2010

view from front looking down on car 

1965 Grand Prix 2dr hdtp 

posted January 15, 2010 

view looking down on car from above 

1965 Grand Prix 2dr hdtp 

posted January 15, 2010

Owned by Matt at in California.

1965 Bonneville Brougham 4dr 

posted December 24, 2009
1965 Bonneville Brougham

“On going project. Found her in western Pennsylvania.
Flew out, drove home.
Smooth, quiet, and comfortable land Yacht.”

Owned by Curtis at in Kansas.

1965 Catalina 

posted December 24, 2009
1965 Catalina

“This Catalina -65 came to Sweden in 2009.
Harold S Adams bought it new in Washington in 1965. Harold trade in his old 51 Pontiac and drove home in this cat that has a 389 and 400. All the paperwork from that time
is still laying in the glovebox.”

Owned by Lennart at in Sweden.

65 Grand Prix 

posted October 1, 2009
1965 Pontiac Grand Prix

“389 4bbl. 116,000 miles all original.
Purchased near Columbus Ohio for $750.00.
Sat in a barn for 20 years, doesn't run yet. 8 Lug wheels, original floor mats and trunk liner as well as jack. Originally Black with Red Morrikide interior, was repainted balck cherry including the bumpers. Best find of all, in the glove box was the Original build sheet, owners manual, warranty book with original Protecto-Plate still inside.”

Owned by Frank at in Ohio.

65 Bonneville 2door hardtop 

posted August 10, 2009
1965 Pontiac Bonneville 2door hardtop
“These pics are from my recently bought 65 Pontiac Bonneville project car. I bought the car from Arizona (Kingman) car dealer for a few bucks; the car was running the first 15 years in LA and later in Hualapia Indian Reservation. All is original. Nice rust free car, only trunk rust. nice floors, nice frame. Orginal sun burned nightwatch blue paint with some dents.

I`m just rebuiling the original 389 4bbl 325 HP engine. Cleaned all parts, HP Oil / Water pump, new engine seal kit, new 068 Melling camshaft with lifters, new Edelbrock timing chain, petronix ignition and many more nice goodies to bring new life in the car!
Sitting since 1991!!”

Owned by Bjoern at in Germany.

65 Bonneville 2door hardtop 

posted July 24, 2009
1965 Pontiac Bonneville 2door hardtop
“Found this in poor shape in Nebraska. Hauled it home on semi. Has been a good learning experence. Thing is it was too far rusted to be immaculate, but I wanted a driver. It will never be finished.
389 4 bbl, th400, think it is the 325 hp from numbers.”

Click to e-mail owner, Bill in South Dakota.

65 Bonneville Convertible 

posted May 14, 2009
1965 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
“ Powered with a Pontiac 389ci V8 motor connected to a Tri-Power Automatic Transmission now residing in New Zealand.”

Click to e-mail owner, Brian in New Zealand.

65 Catalina Safari 9 passenger wagon 

posted 04.03.2008
Pontiac Catalina Safari 1965

“ 9 persons option. Bought in Belgium from David (1966 Catalina), first owner. Car from California. 389 cui 290 HP.”

Click to e-mail owner, Lambert in Holland.

65 Bonneville Convertible 

posted 01.01.2008
2007 Christmas Present

My wife bought me a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville red convertible, white top and white seats w/light blue inserts; 421 HO 376 HP tri-power 4 speed for my Christmas present in 2007 - I have dreamed of owning this car since September 1965 and now it is mine.
(in 1965 I could not qualify to buy a $3900.00 Bonneville convertible; I only qualified to buy a 1965 SS Impala 327 4 speed.)”

Click to e-mail owner, Ed in Florida.

65 Bonneville 2 Door Hardtop 
posted 11.14.2007
1965 Bonneville 389 4bbl, Palmetto Green

“Bought the car in October 2006 with 81,000 original miles. A current work in progress. Engine is all original with single exhaust. Runs and drives great and hopefully, will get painted within the year.
65 Bonneville 2 Door Hardtop
Ran a 15.87 @85.93mph at Edgewater Raceway, not bad for such a big car (surprised us). I have a 68 Camaro that I race and street drive, but the Bonne is a blast to cruise in and you can seat 6 comfortably.”

Click to e-mail owner, John in Ohio.

65 Bonneville Convertible 

posted 07.07.2006
“This 1965 Bonneville convertible came with the factory two tone interior, tilt wheel, power bench and load leveling suspension. Since it is a low option example, I didn't feel bad about making some changes. It was originally burgundy, now flame red. The hubcaps are updated Pontiac wire wheel covers. It has the original 389 4bbl and turbohydro trans and it runs great!”

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Click to e-mail owner, Merrill in Utah.

65 Bonneville 4 door“This is an early production (#824 built in the first week) California built Bonneville 4 dr 325hp389, TH400 with few options e.g only the windshield is tinted. Bought new in Seattle Wa for $4000 by a New Zealander who shipped it home late in 1965. I bought it in 1977 with 134K miles. It was in regular use through the 80s but has been in hibernation since '92.
65 Bonneville 4 door I did a few competition events including several seasons at the local strip - regular times 15.7/90mph. In '86 I built a 455 for it - +.030, forged pistons, Rhoads lifters, GTO pattern cam, #62 heads modified as per HO racing. Everything else stock including the 2.56 rear. Best time at the strip 14.1/102 using only 1st and 2nd. I am sure it would have gone quicker with some time and money spent. The 455 block has been sold but it will go back together wih the stock 389 which was good enough to run off the end of the speedometer (4300 rpm was about 130mph). I never did get to see what it would do at the top end with the 455 - aerodynamics would have kept to not much more than 130 but it would have got there much more quickly.”

Click to e-mail owner, Mark in New Zealand.


65 Catalina 4 door 

posted May 22, 2006
“I bought this `65 Catalina out of Vancouver Canada in `97 with 39,600 claimed miles on it. I thought ‘yeah, sure’ but the more work I do on it the more stuff I find to support the claim. All the underhood vacuum lines had the raised rib and green stripe. Rear shocks are still the ‘spiral’ type. I had to change the waterpump this spring; it had the factory original cast impeller still in it. It was built 2nd week of July '65 in Southgate, California. Equipped with the 389 2 bbl, TH400 with 2.56 gears and factory A/C. It will cruise all day at 70 mph and give me 19 mpg with the A/C on. Not bad I figure for a 6.5 liter engine. I threw on a set of skirts, spinners, and a dual exhaust to give it that low ‘Pontiac rumble’ .

At present the milage is 68,000 and change. I did track down the second owner who told me he bought the car in '87 with 28,000 miles on it. It turns out the original owner drove it from '65 til '73 then parked it in a shed for 14 years, til the second owner bought it from the widow of the previous owner. (I thought getting THIS kind of info was too cool.) Anyhow, there are plans to redo the tired paint, and detail the engine compartment and re–gasket the entire engine to stop the multiple oil weepages that abound.”

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Click to e-mail owner, Rick in Edmonton, Canada.

65 Parisienne Convertible 

posted 01.03.06
65 Parisienne in family for 15 years. New top, 300 hp,
orig powerglide, 165,000 miles.

E-mail owner Dick in California
65 Grand Prix 2 door hardtop
65 Grand Prix 2 door hardtop
1965 Grand Prix
“We've had it for about 5 years now. . . . everyone that sees it has to stop and look at it and ask about it; they say they had one in high school or something like that.”
65 Bonneville convertible
65 Bonneville convertible with 389 4 barrel just turned 53,000 miles. Go to a cruise in every weekend then the big show in Nov. Turkey Run at Daytona Speedway.
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 65 Parisienne convertible
 view from right rear of 65 Parisienne convertible rear view of 65 Parisienne convertible
“This is my 65 Parisienne, 283 Glide, PS PB 77k original miles, one of 5072 built as a standard Parisienne. Custom Sports not included in this figure. She was built May 13th so has had a 40th birthday.” Owned by Glen in British Columbia.

This Parisienne triad
(1 above and 2 below)
were chosen
Classic of the Month for September, 2005.


65 Parisienne convertible

posted 12.07.04
 front view of 65 Parisienne convertible right side from rear of 65 Parisienne convertible
“This is my stock 1965 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible, 283 2 speed Power Glide 78,000 miles on her. I'm the second proud owner of this rag and looking forward to many summer nights of cruis'n fun!”
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65 Parisienne Convertible

posted 10.07.04
“This is a pic of my 65 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport. Good restoration, original condition with a few goodies. 283, powerglide, Crager SS, Flowmaster, original interior, new brakes, ... ”
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65 Parisienne Convertible

posted 09.25.04
“I recently purchased this Parisienne, I need to swap out the engine, it currently has some generic mid-80s 305 with blown rings and leaky valves in it. I have a 1964 283 that needs a rebuild in the basement ... winter project for a Canadian winter.”

65 Bonneville Sport Coupe

posted 08.05.04
1965 Bonneville Sport Coupe
“ Black on black with a champagne interior. It is an original 421 4bbl car with auto, a/c, power brakes and windows etc. Motor is stock except for some chrome dress up and nice, mellow Flow Masters.”
Owned by Frank & Shirley Grant, Reedville, VA.
65 Grand Prix Convertible
Craig found this '65 Grand Prix in the summer of 2002. Says Craig: “The son of the original owner finally decided to sell it after years of keeping it in his garage. This baby only has 59,000 original miles and is loaded with power windows, power driver's seat, A/C, AM radio that still works and 8 lug wheels. The steering wheel is almost perfect! How rare is that?!”

65 Catalina 2+2

posted 09.23.03
Todd in Lewistown, Pennsylvania owns this triple black 80,000 mile '65 Catalina 2+2. Powered by a tripower 421, she sports 8 lugs, buckets, console, and factory tachometer.

65 Catalina Convertible

photo update 07.25.07
posted 07.09.03
1965 Catalina Convertible 400cdi
Owned by John in Ontario.
65 Bonneville Convertible
'65 Bonneville with a 389 four barrel.
It has the original interior, chrome, and even tires!
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