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Full left size view of 79 Bonneville 4 door 
posted September 29, 2012

engine of 79 Bonneville 
posted September 27, 2012
“ I bought this 1979 Bonneville from one of our neighbors' elderly mother back in 2007. The car has 67,000 original miles. It has a Buick 350. I've done some engine and interior work and added side pipes. Which make this one sweet sounding car.”

Owned by Joe: in Texas.


79 Bonneville Brougham 
posted May 6, 2011
1979 Bonneville Brougham
“This is our all original 1979 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham that we have owned for 3 years. Rides and drives like a dream. Has all options except power door locks. 77 thousand original miles. We are third owners and know the previous owners. Back seat never been used. We unwrapped the rear seatbelts for the 1st show where it won 1st place. ”

Owned by Larry and Norma: in Arkansas.


79 Bonneville Brougham 2 door coupe 
posted January 23, 2010
1979 Bonneville Brougham 2door coupe
“I love timeless designs. The '79 Bonneville keeps its roots and stays timeless. I love the fact that even at this stage of appearance people still say it's a nice clean car. I have a lot of work to do, but I will never lose any money on this car when I'm through!”

My car is very dependable and I love the way it fits in my life! My family loves this car also!!
Owned by Curt: in Ohio.


79 Bonneville Safari Wagon 
posted October 5, 2009
79 Pontiac Bonneville Safari used, but I can ride with it,
and that is my pleasure.”
Click to E-mail owner, Georges, in France.


79 Bonneville Brougham 
posted July 1, 2007
“I've owned my 1979 Bonneville Brougham since April 2006, I bought this car stock from ebay. The car came from Illinois with 45k original miles. I love my car and plan to keep it for many years to come. The car has many modifications to it yet still keeps its classy styling.“
Click to E-mail owner, Kris, in California.


79 Bonneville 
posted 12.22.2006
“Just acquired cream puff, 35k actual miles.
350 Buick engine - X code non AC car.”
Click to E-mail owner, Roger in Ohio.


79 Bonneville 

posted 05.29.2006
“I bought my 79 Bonneville in Aug 2005
from a ninety-five year old man in Fargo.
He was the original owner. It has 73,000 original miles.
This is the same car / color, etc. that I had in 1982.
I had to go out and buy this baby.”
Click to E-mail owner, Mark in Minnesota.

79 Bonneville
“This is my 79 Bonneville 301cid.
My grandfather bought it new in 79 for $9000 !
(I have the original paper work!)
My 75 Catalina Wagon donated a 400 cid 4bbl engine,
the rest went to my 76 Catalina.
Paint is in the works, color will stay the same.”
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 1979 Bonneville
79 Bonneville with a non-original Buick 350 under the hood
and 100,000+ miles on the odometer.
Click to E-mail owner Phil in Alden, New York.

 1979 Bonneville
79 Bonneville powered by the Pontiac 301 V8.
The odometer displays 108,000 original miles.
Click To E-mail owner Scott in Orlando.

79 Catalina 2door
A 1979 Catalina 2-door was my first car, and the first new car that my parents bought late in '79. I grew up with it, and when I got my license,
my mother threw me the keys to the Catalina; it was mine.
My worse mistake I can think of, I sold the car. More than 10 years have passed, and I finally found my 2-door Catalina once again. It's not exactly the same as what I had, and the plans for the car are still up in the air, but one thing's for sure, I'm not making the same mistake twice.
This Catalina's here to stay.

79 Catalina 2door79 Catalina 2door
If anyone has a line on those hard to find parts for this car
feel free to drop me an email.
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 1979 Catalina Safari Wagon
“September 1988 through 1989, I was a contract programmer at IBM, Kingston New York. With winter imminent, in October 1988, I bought a pristine 1979 Pontiac Catalina Safari Wagon in Kingston, New York.
My wagon was Regency brown metallic and had a 4.9 litre (301 cu.in) V8. It had New York plates, KYB-676 which I later changed to ‘BAJIRAO’.
My second son, Ajinkya was born at the Kingston Hospital in February 1989 and rode home as a new born baby in that Catalina Safari Wagon.”
Click to E-mail owner in India.

 1979 Parisienne Brougham
1979 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham sedan. V8 305pc 155hp; automatic transmission. “only 1,400 made with this rare color (pastel green)”.
07.20.05 – Owner, Guy, sent new photo of car with “original Pontiac snow flakes aluminium wheels”
Click to E-mail Guy in Montréal Québec Canada.

 79 Catalina
Jason says the 301 V8 in his Catalina runs great. He bought the car for a mere $500 in 1994, and now has over 130,000 miles on the odometer.
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