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1973 Catalina 2 dr hdtp
posted July 10, 2013
1973 Catalina 2 dr hdtp
posted July 10, 2013
1973 Pontiac Catalina.
400 engine , automatic, 80000 miles
“I bought it last week and It has been repainted and it has a new vinyl top. The car runs great with the 400 engine and the automatic shifts like it should. I just tuned it up with new points, coil, rotor, cap, plugs and plug wires. It is in for an alignment and a Cherry Bomb Muffler. Itís a great performing vehicle and you can burn rubber any time you want to.”
Owned by Ken, , in South Dakota

1973 Bonneville 4 door  
Front View 
posted September 18, 2010
1973 Bonneville 4 door  
Rear View 
posted September 18, 2010
“My Bonneville 1973
I purchased one year ago. It has 69,000 miles in odometer.
The 400 V8 engine working well, casting number 481988.
Inside is beautiful and all original. I'm the third owner.
This is my favourite car but I have Firebird SE too from 1986. ”
Owned by George, , in Hungary


73 Catalina 4 door 

posted 07.28.03
1973 Catalina powered by a Pontiac 350 V-8 with a 2-barrel carb.
Anthony bought it from a little old lady and it's only traveled 41,000 miles so far.
Original photo submitted July, 2003


1973 Catalina 4 door 

New photo posted 08.09.2007
“This is an after shot of my 1973 Catalina. I had the whole body re-done. I added sport mirrors off my old '76 LeMans, and added dual exhaust, and took off the bottom chrome mouldings. The car is painted in the original color Florentine Red Metallic. And I have added some miles since the last picture; the car has 49,500 miles on it now. It still has the 350, 2-barrel, because with the price of gas these days, it only makes sense. Especially since it's my daily driver.” New photo submitted August 2, 2007.

Owned by Anthony in New Jersey.

1973 Bonneville 4 door  

posted 11.17.06
“I found this 1973 Bonneville 7 years ago. It was sitting in a guy's back yard, rusting out and waiting to be towed away to be crushed.
I paid $150.00 and spent the last few years (on and off again) restoring it to its original beauty. No where near finished,
but it is a work in progress.”
Owned by John in Pennsylvania

Classic of the Month - November, 2006

1973 Catalina 2 door  

posted 07.18.06
“'73 Catalina that I picked up recently for $1500.
Only 29,834 actual miles and was stored indoors since 1981.”
Owned by David in North Dakota


73 Grand Ville 

posted 03.25.08
“This is my 1973 Pontiac Grandville on 24's”
Owned by Rick in Texas

1973 Grand Ville 

posted 05.22.06
1973 Grand Ville 2 Door Hard Top
2nd Owner. All Original.
17.724 miles. Garage kept.

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73 Catalina 4door sedan 

posted 03.10.06
73 Catalina owned by Dan. “I'm the 2nd owner, it's a rust bucket but it rides nice. 100200 miles.”

73 Catalina hardtop coupe  

posted 02.05.06
“Second Owner, 130,000 original miles, 400 2barrel; runs like a dream (love the ‘old school’ look). Super clean inside and out, original paint.”

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 1973 Catalina 2 door hardtop
Catalina 2 door hardtop
“Needs A LOT of work. I just finished putting a RamAir4 cam, Edelbrock 4 bbl., HEI ignition, and 4 tube headers on it. This car will set you back! It also has cherry bomb mufflers to wake the neighborhood up on Sunday.”

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73 Bonneville 2 door 

posted 11.01.05
“Purchased this 73 Bonneville from the original owner. It has 58,000 miles. I have the window sticker and brochures from the dealer.”

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Fort Worth, Texas

73 Catalina 2 door 

posted 08.04.2009
“1973 Catalina
Unknown mileage 350 2bbl. Just got it, I've wanted one since I was little and my grandma bought one new, then sold it to my dad 5 years later. I thought that car was the coolest thing on 4 wheels, even though that one was a rusty ‘mill car’.
Now I have my own...”
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in Indiana

73 Catalina hardtop coupe front view  

posted 11.02.05
 73 Catalina hardtop coupe rear view
“73 Catalina hardtop coupe powerd by an 350cui Chevy crate engine 64 cc heads,350 transmission (rebuild) double 2.5inch exhaust with cherrybombs front springs shortend, Koni shocks, Hi Jackers American racing wheels.”
Owned by Jurgen in The Netherlands.

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73 Catalina 2 door hardtop  

posted 09.15.05
 front view of 73 Catalina 2 door hardtop back view of 73 Catalina 2 door hardtop
1973 Pontiac Catalina 2 door hard top with the vinyl roof. It's got about 47,000 miles on it. Still a diamond in the rough; needs new tires, front springs/shocks/control arms, and some body work.
But so far it's one fun car to drive :)

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73 Grand Ville 4 door hardtop sedan  

posted 06.28.05
“My 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville 4-door hardtop sedan was a one owner car, with less than 100K and has been well cared for; all of the power options and lights still work perfectly. It is 99.5% rust free. In addition to the standard features (455 V8, automatic, power steering and power brakes, it also is equipped with the following known factory options: Power windows, power door locks, tilt steering wheel, AM radio, standard A/C, lower door courtesy lights, map lights, vinyl top, LH remote mirror, passenger side mirror, factory tinted windows, bumper guards, bumper strips and side moldings.” — Email owner, Tony

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73 Grand Ville 

posted 11.18.04
“I purchased this 1973 Pontiac Grandville from an estate auction. The same owner had kept it garaged & well maintained since he ordered it in the fall of 1972. I had never heard of a Pontiac "Grandville" before, but let me tell you, this one is a honey! Big 455 motor purrs along the road smoothly. It has power windows, a/c & a great sounding AM radio. This car is all original.”

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73 Catalina 

posted 08.02.04
“Here's a picture of my 1973 Catalina I just purchased. It was a one owner with only 73,000 miles. It has a 400 V-8 and drives like a dream.” Owned by Mike in Kansas City, Missouri.

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73 Grand Ville 

posted 07.22.04
Owned by Barbara & Jimmy Gullett of Clinton Township Michigan. “This 1973 Pontiac Grandville was the Official Pace Car of the Mt. Clemens Speedway. Has been restored four times and the fourth time is a charm!!! 90,000 miles and runs a 455 big block.
She is big and she is fast!!!”

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73 Grandville Superior Hearse 

posted 07.05.04
Dave's 73 Pontiac Grandville Superior Hearse
out of San Francisco CA.

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 73 Grandville
'73 Grandville with only 51,000 miles.
Owner Matthew says: “I bought it from an old lady who bought it brand new in 1973. I haven't driven it yet without getting some serious stares or compliments from car enthusiasts. Until I bought this one I had never heard of (Grandvilles). Of course, I'm only 26!”
Say hello to this young B-body enthusiast.

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73 Grand Ville 

posted 01.15.03
This 1973 Grandville with just 68,000 miles, and a 455 under the hood is owned by Joe & Cathy in Louisiana.

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73 Grand Ville 

posted 10.26.02
“This 1973 Grand Ville is all original, including tires, still has less than 7,000 miles on it. Normal maintenance and a jewel kept in a nice garage, not a barn. Interior has not a thread out of place. Family owned from new.”

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73 black Catalina 

posted 12.13.02
1973 Catalina with 125,000 miles on the odometer.
Powered by a 350 Chevy engine, shifted via a B&M shifter,
and sporting bucket seats inside.

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 73 Grand Safari
1973 Grand Safari six passenger wagon. Powered by a 455, this pristine wagon has traveled only 74,500 miles since 1973. Along with its owner, James, it resides in Palm Springs, California.

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 73 Bonneville Hardtop
1973 Bonneville owned by Martin in Holland.
This car has a 400 2bll.

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 73 Grandville Hardtop
Originally his grandfather's car, Andy's 1973 Grandville has just over 55,000 miles, and she's all original right down to the 455 with factory duals. Andy's in North Carolina.

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