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72 Bonneville Coupe 
posted May 24, 2011
1972 Pontiac Bonneville coupe.
“455/2brl, a/c, clock, am/fm, rally wheels, reel out trunk light... that's it. 1 of 10,300 made. It was a vinyl top car also. May or may not keep it. I like it though. Runs and drives fine.”

Submitted by
in Illinois.

“I'm 13 and me and my grandfather have been working on a 72 Grand Ville hardtop for the past year and a half. It runs and drives great and is all original. Its got the 455 motor w/ power steering. We are putting a new paint job on it. I don't have any pictures but as soon as we get it done I will post them.”

Received from Brandon at: in Illinois

72 Cataline 4dr 
posted 11.20.2007
“1972 Pontiac Catalina Blue
95000 original miles. Love to drive it.”

Submitted by Kerry in Virginia.

72 Grand Ville 4dr Hardtop 
posted 10.25.2007
“This is My Father's 1972 Pontiac Grandville 4-door hard top.
It is all original. My Father bought the car new in the fall of 1971. We have all of the original papers right down to the receipt for the first tank of gas! We also have all of the licence plates that went on the car through the years. We are just now having to start to put some money into the car replacing things such as: air shocks, springs, and the power seat motor.


Submitted by Peter in Maine.

72 Catalina 400 4 Door 
posted 11.17.2006
“1972 Catalina 400. Second owner and it runs great. Have yet to see another on the road. Have had it for 6 yrs now. Doing some small body work to it, going to paint soon. Adding 4bbl and elec ignition. Dual exh. Head turner. Love the moons on it. Sleeper car. Looks stockish, but will out power a lot of road metal.”

Owned by PJ in Florida.

72 Catalina 4 Door 
posted 08.07.2006
Pontiac Catalina - 1972
“This is my baby with 400 engine and 400 automatic. I'm going to make a soft custom, of this car with airride and a new paint in green candy and so on.”

Owned by Toni in Sweden.

72 Grand Safari 
posted October 6, 2005
“This 1972 Grand Safari has 65,000 original miles and the 455. I bought it from the original owner, and added the duals, rallies, sport wheel, 8 track, detailed the engine, added a correct 72 4brl carb and intake, and fixed the a/c. Everything else is original. It's a fun car to drive!”
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72 Pontiac Catalina 4 door 
posted 01.04.2005
“I am the second owner of this local SE Wisconsin 60,000 mile 1972 Catalina. This car is a daily driver. Mostly original, I added dual exhausts, rally II's and radials, a "console" adapted from a '57 Pontiac under-dash speaker housing, air shocks for handling and hauling, minor convenience/accessory items, plus the typical replacement of brake and cooling system items.
Engine is the "YX" 200 hp 2bbl 400 cid version; a Quadrajet setup awaits. Body is #2-3, paint #4, interior #1-2.
The car draws attention and conversation; it carries a bunch, holds its own in today's mega-monster-suv road warrior environment, but it has an expensive drinking habit. And, yes, we refer to it as ‘The Whale’.”

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72 Pontiac Catalina 
posted 10.30.2004
“This is my 72 Catalina I just picked up for $700. It has a 400 4Bbl. It is all original even the gas in the tank was original. I have put new tires, dual exhaust, an Edelbrock performer manifold and a 750 double pumper. She will get up and go. I am the second owner. It has 110K on it. It is the perfect “Las Vegas”car.” Dave S. Las Vegas, NV
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72 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door hardtop 
posted 07.24.2004
“1972 Pontiac Bonneville 2Dr HDTP. 62,000 Original Miles. VIN 2N57Y22306669. Y-Code 455 4-Bbl w/Factory Dual Exhausts. PHS Documented - shipped to Myrtle Motors of Maspeth (Queens), NY September 1971. Purchased 4/96 in upstate NY w/49K mi for $1600 cash. Car resides in Dutchess County, upstate NY.”
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Jan. 2005 Classic of the Month

72 Pontiac Catalina 
posted 07.05.2004
“This is my California Land Yacht. Haven't seen another one since I bought it 2 years ago. I love this car more than the 68 Chevy Caprise I used to have. The interior layout is similar in design layout but the motor is bigger. 350 w/ 400 tranny. Newly rebuilt with only 3,126 miles. Body is in same condition as when I bought it. Everyone should have one!!”
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72 Laurentian 350 
posted 04.05.2004
'72 Pontiac Laurentian with a 350 under the hood.
Owned by Bill in Kenora, Ontario.
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1972 Bonneville 
posted 10.07.2003
1972 Bonneville four door hardtop. Jayson has the 455 pretty much the way he wants it, now he plans to turn his attention to paint and body work. Stay tuned for an updated photo when she's all finished and shiny!
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72 Grandville 
posted prior to 
1972 Grandville owned by Andy has 144,000 miles on the odometer and a 455-4 bbl V8 under the hood.
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 72 Catalina
This '72 Catalina is only on its second owner. It has a 400 V-8 with a 2 barrel carb. Mike enjoys showing it at car shows.
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1972 Grandville PS 
posted 08.27.2002
Owned by Brian in New York, this '72 Grandville has a 455, duals and 82k on the odometer.
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72 Grandville 4 door hardtop 
posted 11.04.2001
1972 Grandville four door hardtop owned by Al
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72 Grand Safari Wagon
This 1972 Pontiac Grand Safari station wagon has only 40,500 miles. Options include electric tail gate, third seat and roof rack.
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72 Wagon
1972 Pontiac Grand Safari
72 Pontiac Catalina 4 door

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