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Pontiac Pro Car Classics


If you're a Pontiac Pro Car owner, we invite you to submit your photos and background information.
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1968 Catalina made by Stageway 
posted June 9, 2010

“This is a 1968 Pontiac Catalina. I bought it in Texas. It was built by Stageway. We plan on redoing it but have had a lot of trouble finding the driver's side center windows for it and some other parts but mainly the two windows. It runs and drives great other than an exhaust problem.
If any body can help me find these parts, I would be greatful.”
Owned by in Oklahoma.

1968 Bonneville Combination Coach made by Superior 
posted April 17, 2010

“This is a 1968 Bonneville combination coach made by Superior. History says this was in Miami Dade County Florida in 1968. I purchased it in a private sale in Maine. 400 Pontiac motor; needs a couple dents pulled and a paint job. I think Nassau Blue from 1965.”
Owned by in Massachusetts.

1953 Acme Hearse  
posted 10.30.2007
1953 Acme Hearse Engine 
posted 10.30.2007

“I work for Antique and Classic Restorations in Germansville PA and we are just finishing up the rarest Pontiac I have ever documented, a 1953 Pontiac Hearse built by Acme coach co. There are only 2 Acme built cars known to exist. I have been researching this car for a few months now and it is a true survivor. It was found by a previous owner after seeing it in cars and parts magazine and it was stored in a steel building in the back of a junk yard. the car has all the documentation including the original hearse order form.

After playing with it for a few months the previous owner decided to sell it and put it on Ebay. Our customer (Jeff Barb, a funeral director from west VA) bought it site unseen and had it shipped to us. it is almost finished now and he still has not seen it up close. We keep all the original parts but we did upgrade the motor to a 502 fuel injected big block and graphed on a 79 trans am front sub frame, ford 9" rear, sway bars etc. it is now very dependable and fast! It will be used for its intended purpose as a funeral coach.

This car has been getting lots of attention here in PA and has made the news a few times, the local papers and even Hot rod magazine.”

Click to View Bill of Sale
Submitted by: Dave in Pennsylvania
Posted 10.30.2007

1949 Ambulance1949 Ambulance
1949 Ambulance1949 Ambulance

“I just aquired this 1949 Pontiac Ambulance.
I am planning to swap engine trans and rear end and put it on the road.”
Owned by Will in Texas
Posted 01.15.2007

On Sunday, June 4, 2006, Allan wrote: “I have a 1970 Superior Pontiac hightop ambulance. It is in the process of being restored, slowly, so its pictures aren't the best. But I have others of Pontiac procars that are not on your site. Perhaps you can use them. They are from the 1970 Superior catalog.”
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1970 Superior Catalog Listing 1
1970 Superior Catalog Listing 2

1971 Bonneville Ambulance 

posted 05.25.06
“Would love to know the history of this 1971 Bonneville Ambulance
found in Rapid City, South Dakota by a friend visting the states in 2004.
Was told it was parked for 14 years in a woodland just out of Rapid City.
Mileage was just 28,000, body was in excellent order so 6 months later
it's here in New Zealand as an every day driver.
I would like your help in finding out about it; on the two front doors
the number 745 on it with the name Shawnee Fire and Rescue
on them. In reply to an email, they said it wasn't one of theirs.
Please help me if you can. Thanks.”
Submitted by Tony

1968 ambulance 
posted 05.20.06
“This is a 1968 Pontiac ambulance. It originally served Langley Speedway and then Ashcroft Dragstrip.
Unfortunately the car outlived both tracks. We intend to restore it and use it to drum up more support
for heritage designation of Langley Speedway! Any help on parts would be appreciated. Thanks.”
Submitted by Murray Jones at Langley Speedway Historical Society, Langley, BC, Canada

 68 Superior Royale Combination Coach

In early May, 2005 this photo was submitted by its owner, Jody, of South Carolina.
“Here is my 68 Superior Pontiac Royale Combination Coach. It is all original except for a 10+ year old repaint. It has been garage kept for the last 37 years. It has a 340hp 400, th400, and a 3.08 rear end. The base price was $9,504 in 1968. That is equal to 2 GTO hardtops and 1 GTO convertible. With options one of these could soar to over $12,000. It has A/C & heat in the front and rear. Still rides like new and uses no oil with 73k miles on it.”

 68 Superior Royale Combination Coach
“With a combination coach, you just take off the signs and the light, remove the stretcher, and flip the rollers over and it changes from an ambulance to a hearse. In the 70s and before, the local funeral parlors also ran the ambulance services in all but the biggest cities. And if 1 car could do both jobs it saved them a lot of money.”
When Jody sent a second photo and further background information, we became intrigued with these Classics and wanted to learn more about them. We thought they would also be of interest to our Classic Pontiacs Community Members and other site visitors.
68 Superior Pontiac Royale Limo Style Combination Coach68 Superior Pontiac Royale Limo Style Combination Coach
68 Superior Pontiac Royale Limo Style Combination Coach68 Superior Pontiac Royale Limo Style Combination Coach
“This car is a 1968 Superior Pontiac Royale Limo Style Combination Coach; 1 of 79 Pontiac combos made in 1968; 1 of about 20 of this model. A combination is a pro car that can be converted from a hearse to an ambulance in a few minutes. It has 2 attendant seats that fold to make a flat floor. Roller flip up so a casket can be loaded. And the ambulance signs and beacon light can be removed so it can be used for funeral services. It has a 400, TH400 and 3.08 rear end. Also has a 120 amp Motorola alternator. Front and rear heat and A/C. 75,000 miles. Rare 15in disc brake hubcaps on wheels covering front 11x2.75 drums and 11x2 steel rear drums. Even has license plate bumperettes. Has been stored inside for the last 37 years.”

More photos at my Album

Pro Car Clubs: Professional Car SocietyDead Ends Professional Car Club

NHAA: National Hearse and Ambulance Association
Chassis photos and information submitted by Jody.
Cadillac Chassis for a Pro Car
Cadillac Chassis for a Pro Car
Cadillac Chassis for a Pro Car
“The above is what is called a commercial chassis, it is a Cadillac chassis though. This is what GM made to sell to the coach makers. The Cadillac chassis's were stretched from the factory, the Pontiacs were not stretched; the builder had to cut and lengthen the frame and car. They came with heavy duty brakes, suspension, cooling and other parts. The chassis came from GM with only what you see in the picture, plus quarter panels, bumpers, front seat, the door handles and window cranks. The coach maker would build everything else on the car.

Some other smaller coach makers used Pontiacs. (Economy coach) Up until 1975 Superior was the only one making Pontiac coaches, both hearses and ambulances. Cotner Bevington made Oldmobiles, Flxible (not a typo) made Buicks. During the 80's and 90's some Pontiacs were made by a few different makers. Pontiac and other GM pro cars were available in regular and stretched wheelbases. Cadillacs were only made on a stretched wheelbase.

If you wanted to buy a hearse, you had to contact the coach maker and order one up. Each one was custom built to the customer's specs right down to any color, not just factory colors for that year. Nowadays most are made with Lincolns and Caddys.

Nowadays the 4 big coaches makers (Superior, Miller-Meteor, Sayers and Scovill, Eureka) are all owned by the same company. There is no longer a "commercial chassis" available from GM. Now you order a B9Q "Coachbuilder Sedan." It comes with no rear doors, rear window, or trunk lid, but it has HD suspension and an extra long wiring harness.”

 70 Pontiac Ambulance
This 1970 Pontiac ambulance owned by Wayne in New Jersey.
1970 Superior hearse1970 Superior hearse
This is Wayne's 1970 Superior hearse. “Both cars are combinations.
The hearse has the Sovereign style rear window treatment
and the ambulance has the Royale style.”
1976 9 passenger limo
1976 9 passenger limo1976 9 passenger limo1976 9 passenger limo
1976 Pontiac 9-passenger limo built by Stageway in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
“A recent acquisition. Still getting to know this one.”
posted 01.08.06

Wayne first submitted a photo in December of 2002.
He also owns several Classic Pontiac convertibles.
See 70's Pontiac B-body Classics

Click to Contact Wayne

73 Grandville Superior Hearse
Dave, in San Francisco, California, sent a photo of his
1973 Pro Car in July of 2004.
See 73 Pontiac B-body Classics
1964 Bonneville Consort Hearse
1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse
1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse
1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse
“1 of 21-24 depending on who you talk to at Superior. This car has been in the family for over 35 yrs and I restored it 10 years ago and haven't released the ‘Meat Wagon’ to the public just yet. Swapping the origional 389 for a 500 inch Stroker with over 600hp for Awesum burnouts. To many mods to list! Priceless!”
Owner , Cory, and his Bonneville Consort reside in Canada.

1964 Bonneville Consort Hearse
1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse
1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse1964 Bonneville Consort Pro Car Hearse
“My 1964 Bonneville hearse, made by Superior, is a short body model called a Consort. This was ordered as a service car, meaning it lacks casket rollers and was set up for a cot and used for body ‘removals’.

I found out from the manufacturer that only 21 short body Consort Hearses were made in '64, some Landau style like mine and some Limo style with all windows. Cost around $6350 in 1964. She has a 389 4-V, 4sp. Superhydramatic AT. Power steering and brakes. Other than that, pretty basic; not even a radio! She tips the scale at 4750 lbs. But the motor runs smooooth and she'll haul ass despite her size!!”
Owner, Frank, and his Pro Car Consort reside in Indiana.

1968 Superior Combination
1968 Superior Combination
“I own three of them. One of them is a 1968 Oldsmobile
and the other two are Ponchos.
I have a 1968 Superior combination unit that I am driving while restifying and a 1965 Superior combo that is in really rough shape that is being completly rebuilt and customized.”
Owned by tc

1971 Bonneville Superior Consort Combination
1971 Bonneville Superior Consort Combination
Owned by Don in Pennsylvania. Purchased in Ohio in 1998.
455 engine. 90,000 miles.
E-mail Don

1965 Pontiac Parisienne Hearse
1965 Pontiac Parisienne Hearse
1965 Parisienne Hearse1965 Parisienne Hearse1965 Parisienne Hearse
Owned by Martin in The Netherlands. Purchased in 2005. — 19,400 miles.
“I use it every day to go to mi work and shopping. I go to many US car meetings.
At the meeting mi car is the most fotografed car at all.”
E-mail Martin

1971 Bonneville Hearse Ambulance Combo
1971 Bonneville Combo Hearse/Ambulance1971 Bonneville Combo Hearse/Ambulance
1 of 22 71 lwb Bonneville Hearse Ambulance Combos made.
455 4brl, working a/c, many upgrades. body neeeds restoration.
E-mail owner, Eric

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