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1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8 Touring Sedan 
posted June 21, 2011
1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8 Touring Sedan 
posted June 21, 2011
1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8 Touring Sedan 
posted June 21, 2011
1940 Torpedo 8 Touring Sedan
“I just acquired a 1940 Torpedo 8 touring sedan. It is all original except for the wheels. I have not decided whether to update the power train or to do a 50's style hot rod tribute using the original straight 8 flathead.
It will be a fun project either way. ”
Owned by Gary in Washington state.


1940 Pontiac 

posted December 24, 2009
“This is a recently acquired 1940 Pontiac 2 Door.
It is a good runner but is missing a few chrome parts.
I will keep you updated to the progress
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Owned by Jim in Arkansas.


1940 Pontiac 2Door Sedan 

posted 08.07.2008
“This is a 1940 Pontiac 2 door sedan
all original, un restored with 27,000 miles.
It is a 40-2511 with a flat head six.
Only thing I added was chrome smoothie rims and radial tires.
I am the second owner, the original owner drove it until 1995
putting on about 500 miles a year.
It runs and drives great.
Just a classic unrestored survivor !!”
1940 Pontiac 2Dr Sedan
1940 Pontiac 2dr Sedan1940 Pontiac 2dr Sedan
1940 Pontiac 2dr Sedan1940 Pontiac 2dr Sedan

Contact Owner, Mike


1940 Pontiac Silver Streak 2Door Sedan 

posted 04.03.2008
“I purchased my 1940 silver streak 2 door sedan in 2007 in Indiana from E-Bay. It was partially customized, with caddy taillights and filled rear fender seams. The original headlights had been removed and fenders smoothed over. The previous owner had done some nice body work,
but never bothered to do anything about the rusted under carriage.

I have taken the body off and sand blasted the entire frame, and underbody. Replaced the front floorboards and trunk floor. The car has a 1978 Chevy Nova front clip. My son and I have installed a 1966 326 V-8 from a GTO, and a 400 transmission. It has a 1967 Camaro gas tank.

We have a lot of work to do yet, but is coming along well.”

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Contact Owner Dave


1940 Pontiac Silver Streak 4Door Sedan 

posted 03.31.2008
“1940 Pontiac Silver Streak 4dr sedan.
has a 350 Chevy W/ 350 Turbo-auto trans.
Camaro clip front end and Chevy S-10 rear.
Power disc brakes and cool A/C.
A great Sunday street rod !”
1940 Pontiac Silver Streak 4Dr Sedan
1940 Pontiac Silver Streak 4dr Sedan1940 Pontiac Silver Streak 4dr Sedan

Contact Owner, Rich

1940 Pontiac Silver Streak Deluxe Six 
posted 12.05.2007
1940 Pontiac Silver Steak Deluxe Six. 36,000 original miles.
1940 Pontiac Silver Streak Deluxe Six
1940 Pontiac Silver Streak Deluxe Six

Contact Owner, Brian

1940 Pontiac Business Coupe 2527 
posted 08.02.2007
1940 Pontiac Business Coupe 25271940 Pontiac Business Coupe 2527

“1940 2527b business coupe special series six. This car is an old hot rod from the 50s. It had a Bonneville v8, automatic and Bonnie rear end. I rerodded it with Chevy 350-350 turbo, Camaro front and z28 rear end. It had been off the road parked on a farm used for hay storage since 1962.”

Contact Owner, Mark

1941 Pontiac Custom Torpedo Eight 
posted 08.04.2009
1941 Pontiac Torpedo
1941 Pontiac Torpedo
1941 Pontiac Torpedo
1941 Pontiac Torpedo

“This is my 1941 Pontiac Custom Torpedo eight. The model number is 2919.”

E-mail Owner, Kurt:

1941 Pontiac Front View 
posted 08.08.2007
1941 Pontiac Rear View
1941 Pontiac Interior1941 Pontiac Engine

“Here's my 41 Pontiac with a 68 400 from a GTO; it's all Pontiac.”

Contact Owner, DennyBob


1941 Pontiac Deluxe 2527 coupe 
posted 10.24.2006
1941 Pontiac Deluxe 2527 coupe1941 Pontiac Deluxe 2527 coupe
1941 Pontiac Deluxe 2527 coupe Engine
1941 Pontiac Deluxe 2527 Coupe
“240,000 miles on car and 2nd owner.
Has a 1951 straight 8 with Isky cam and WCFB four barrel. 170 hp.
All original all over, some 1947 parts on the car.
Driven twice weekly.”

Contact Owner, Gunnar

1941 Custom 8 Coupe 
posted 08.07.06
1941 Torpedo Custom 8 Coupe
Flathead 8 with a 3 speed
at home in New Zealand

Contact Owner, Dave King

Pontiac production was suspended
during the years 1943, 1944, and 1945
due to World War II.

“Pontiac's war effort officially began on March 6, 1941 – nine months before Pearl Harbor and nearly eleven months before automobile production was halted. On that date, Pontiac Motor Division received approval to begin preparations for quantity production of the complex Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannon for the United States Navy. . . . . ”

“When Pontiac production resumed in the latter months of 1945 the biggest problem was finding enough material to satisfy the public's pent up desire for anything that moved. This problem was soon further complicated by the months long U.A.W. strike at General Motors.”
» “The model line was very close to that offered in 1942 . . .

Source: PONTIAC: The Complete History 1926-1979

"The first postwar Pontiac was built Sept. 13, 1945. The full model line was back in production by June 10, 1946. Calendar year production was 131,538 cars. . . .”

“The early postwar Pontiacs sometimes had the words ‘Silver Streak’ on the hoods, but the proper model names are Streamliner and Torpedo. Silver Streak is not an official model name.”

Source: standard catalog of PONTIAC 1926-2002 2nd edition.

Abandoned Pontiac 
posted 06.17.2006
June 17, 2006 – “I came across this on a back road in Benton County, Arkansas.
Looks like a Sedan Delivery but the windows threw me off.
They did appear to be factory though.”

Submitted by Chris

Site Manager Comment:
This looks like it may be a 1949 Chieftain Deluxe Eight Sedan Delivery.

Send an e-Mail to Site Manager if you recognize this car or the ones below

July 20, 2007 – Note from “Steven”

Subject: Abandoned Pontiacs

“The odd-looking Pontiac ('49? 5?-?) looks to be a Pontiac Sedan Delivery (made through 1953 in the US, 1958 up here in Canada...) which has been modified for hearse or other funeral-parlour service. Similar Pontiac-based hearses, made from Pontiac sedan deliveries, were offered by a few coachbuilders who sold cars for funeral service.”

Steven C. Barr
Oshawa, Ont'o., Canada

– Thanks for your input, Steven!

July 3, 2007 – Note from “Chris”

Subject: Abandoned Pontiacs

“looks like a 48 silver streak to me”

– Thanks for your input, Chris!

1942 Pontiac Torpedo 
posted 02.26.2010
“1942 4 dr. Torpedo with very rare trim #19.
I can not find any other photos of 1942 Torpedo with #19 trim package, only one left?
Just found this one on the Tulalip indian reservation,
and I already have nos parts collection started.
If anyone can get photos of another 42 with #19 trim I would love to see one.”
Owned by Ed in Washington

1942 Pontiac 2 door 
posted 10.08.2007
“Mine is a 1942 Pontiac. I bought it for my Dad for Fathers Day in 1979,
and it became mine upon his passing in 2001. My son and I have brought it to its
current condition. It now has a 305 Chevy/700R4 with all the creature comforts
of a modern car. It gets driven almost every day, weather permitting.”

Owned by Tom in Michigan

1942 Chieftain Streamliner Straight Eight 4 Door Sedan 
posted 09.27.2007
“This newly restored 1942 Pontiac Streamliner Chieftain Straight Eight four door sedan was purchased new at the dealers, Park Pontiac, by my Grandparents in 1941 in Charleston, West Virginia.
I belonged to POCI in 2006 and I had the only one in the Club.”

Email Tim for further info


1946 (maybe 1947) Pontiac Classic in process of restoration 

posted January 31, 2006
 1946 (maybe 1947) Pontiac Classic in process of restoration
30 Jan 2006 - “I came across these in Nevada 2 weeks ago.
I was told one was a 46 the other a 47. Thought they may be of interest.”

Submitted by Chris, owner of a 74 Grand Ville convertible

Pontiac Classics of 1946


1946 Streamliner 4 Door 

posted May 30, 2008
“I am the 2nd owner of this 1946 Steamliner 4dr, flat head six. It only has 47,000 original miles on it. This picture was taken at a 4th of July car show at the Wheeling Heritage Port along the Ohio River.”

Owned by Rick in West Virginia


1946 Torpedo 2 door 

posted October 29, 2010

1946 Torpedo  2 door 

posted October 29, 2010 


1946 Torpedo  2 door 

posted October 29, 2010

1946 Torpedo  2 door 

posted October 29, 2010 


1946 Torpedo  2 door 

posted October 29, 2010
1946 Pontiac Torpedo
“I bought this car two years ago from the original owner, a lady who bought it new while working for Pontiac in 1946. She hardly used the car and stop driving it in 1986. The car is in excellent condition, no rust. I have the original bill of sale and a few more original documents from 1946. The interior is like new. It's really an excellent find. ”
Owned by Rob in New York

Pontiac Classics of 1947


1947 Streamliner 4 door sedan

1947 Streamliner 4 door sedan 

posted January 31, 2010
1947 Streamliner
128,660 produced in 1947
Click to Contact owner in Argentina:


1947 Pontiac 2 door sedan

“I own a 1947 Sedanete Pontiac, mecanical six cilinder,
my car is original condition.”

Click to E-mail Jo„o Bosco in Brazil

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Pontiac Classics of 1948


1948 Pontiac Classic Convertible 

posted April 2, 2013

“Pontiac 1948 convertible
I want to repair the car but I don't find an internet site that has parts for this car. Can anyone help me?”

Owned by Diego in Colombia


1948 Torpedo 

posted October 13, 2009
“I have a 1948 2507d Pontiac Torpedo.
I have owned it for 16 years; rescued it from an old junk yard.
Currently in the build process. So far I have installed a mustang 2 ifs
and getting ready to install a small block 350 and turbo trans.
I'll update as I go.”

Owned by Jason in Wyoming


1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted October 6, 2009

1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted October 6, 2009

“I recently came to posses this 1948 silver streak and am looking for more information.
From what I understand this car is made in Canada, and that's all I know, lol”

Owner is looking for more information, where to find parts, etc.
Click to E-mail Owner, Jeana, in Canada


1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted 09.02.2005

Michael, in California,
inherited this Classic
when his Dad passed in 2001.
He asked for help in identifying the year.

This response came from Indonesia:
“Pontiac Silver Streak 1948”

Click To E-mail Owner, Michael


1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted 09.02.2005

“My car is a 48 Silver Streak barn find with 12,000 actual miles.
All original with 1 repaint not original color which was black.
The original seats are under dealer installed seat covers.
It is still 6 volt w/straight 8w/hydromatic trans
that runs like new. It's all there just old.”

Click to E-mail Owner, Rick


1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted April 25, 2008
“This is my 1948 Silver Streak; my dad held on to this car for many years and now it's my project. I plan to keep the body and interior as close to stock as possible with more modern running gear. This is what my car looks like now, I will update as I go.”

September 18, 2010: Photo Update from Gonzalo

1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted September 18, 2010

1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted September 18, 2010

1948 Silver Streak Pontiac Classic 

posted September 18, 2010

Owned by Gonzalo in California.

1948 Torpedo Coupe 
posted 10.06.2007
“I am the third owner of this 1948 2 door Torpedo Coupe.
It's mostly original including the flathead 8 cyl engine and the Hydramatic Transmission. I purchased the car in 2000 at the Rhinebeck Antique Car Show. The original owner kept the car until 1970, the second owner did some restoration work and owned the car for thirty years.”

Owned by Joseph in New York

Pontiac Classics of 1949

1949 Pontiac Delivery Sedan 
posted July 28, 2010
1949 Pontiac Delivery Sedan 
posted July 28, 2010
1949 Pontiac Delivery Sedan 
posted July 28, 2010
“1949 Pontiac Sedan Delivery made into an Ambulance by Barnett Coach Works.”

Submitted by

1949 Pontiac Chieftain 2 dr.sedan. 6cyl., 3 spd.  
posted June 25, 2010
“1949 Pontiac Chieftain 2 dr .sedan. 6cyl., 3 spd., 46k miles
this is the cheap model with no factory options except a radio.”

“The car is a 1949 Pontiac Chieftain standard 2 dr. sedan. Not that 49 Pontiacs are scarce but you donít see too many of the ‘Business’ models. The only factory accessory is a radio. As you can see, it has NO body side mldg, flared rear window molding, fender skirts, sunvisor, back up lights or amber (light up) hood ornament. It has the 239 ci. 6 cyl., 3 speed stick shift, body color headlight rims, no clock (delete plate), 2 spoke steering wheel with center horn button, rubber floor mats instead of carpeting, gray striped wool seat upholstery, black rubber rear fender stone guards & dog dish hub caps. I put the porta walls on. There are 48,650 original miles and the VIN # and engine block #ís both match.”

Owned by Jack in New Jersey

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