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“I have a 1965 Catalina 4 door since late 70s. My car has broken and/or cracked rear spring/shock mounts. I've seen this on many full size Pontiacs. Does any have a fix or repair kit?”
Email in Michigan

“What Pontiac had a high rear wing and special front and rear end; I thought it was called pan am. It was also a larger body.”
Email in Indiana

* Jim: RagTopJoe said "I think he's talking about the 1977 Can Am; it was made for one year only, and was an option package on the Pontiac Lemans."

“I am in need of a hood to fit my 1973 Pontiac Catalina. This car was my grandfather's who was sheriff of my town for 20 years and I am restoring it. Are there any other makes or years that will fit? I have noticed the Grandville looks the same and that could help me out. Thank you so much for your hel.p”
Email in Georgia

“I recently purchased a 1975 400 ci Grandville conv. that I'm hoping to use for, among other things, towing my 1976 Airstream (4,500 lbs.). Anyone have any thoughts about can it be done safely? If so, a good contact for hitches (I assume class III or IV)? ”
Email in Canada

“I have a 1963 Star Chief 4dr and look for some parts, for example: Steering wheel and rear window incl. rubber. Can somebody help me?
Thanks a lot and best regards.”
Email in Germany

“I am the proud owner of a 1938 Silver Streak. I am looking for any help with locating parts to restore it to its former glory particularly front suspension parts and ideas on upgrading brakes. Any help would be appreciated.”
Email in New Zealand

“Dear Pontiac Community Members. The taxi company, Checker Cab from Detroit used 1941 Pontiac Torpedo. I would like to know what color did they use for their taxis, and to find more fotos of it besides the one from the left side I found.
Thanks in advance and look forward your help.”
Email in Israel


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